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Claim your Syncify podcast page.

Find your podcast page through the search bar or submit your podcast rss feed, you will be automatically redirected to your Syncify page. In the right corner you can request a claim code. The code will be sent to your podcast rss feed email. Summit that code and you now have claimed your podcast!


Add a listen button to your website.

Add a listen on Syncify button on your website, you can find everything you need on the linking podcast page. If you are using a service like LinkTree you can just link your Syncify podcast page directly!


Add Syncify to your twitter bio.

Once you have your Syncify podcast page link you can add it to your twitter bio with a mention @SyncifyFM.


Email us!

Send us an email at [email protected]yncify.fm containing your podcast website, twitter and Syncify podcast page. Based on demand we rotate featured podcasts weekly or daily!

If you are hosting with soundcloud or any other free hosting services you might not control your rss feeds email address. In that case claiming your podcast page is harder. You can contact us directly and we can help you out.

Note that we have received reports of individuals trying to sell getting featured on Syncify. Getting featured on Syncify is always free. Please report these people to us and only get in contact with [email protected] about getting featured on the website and app!