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Link your podcast

Receive comments, likes and plays when you link your podcast to Syncify

All you need is a your rss feed and you can use the following to create a link:


Replace everything after ?feed= with your RSS url

So you will get the following url:


Add your rss feed url to generate links

You can copy the following snippets if you add your RSS feed and add them on your website

<a href="https://syncify.fm/link?feed=ADD YOUR RSS FEED"><img src="https://syncify.fm/syncify-logo.png" width="170" /></a>

Basic light button

<a href="https://syncify.fm/link?feed=ADD YOUR RSS FEED"><img src="https://syncify.fm/syncify-logo-dark.png" width="170" /></a>

Gives you a dark button

<a href="https://syncify.fm/link?feed=ADD YOUR RSS FEED"><img src="https://syncify.fm/syncify-small-logo.png" width="60" /></a>

Or use the small logo

Linking to a specific episode

Linking to an episode is similar to linking a podcast. All you have todo is add the episode guid.


Replace everything after ?guid= and ?feed= with your episodes guid and matching RSS feed

And now you have a link like this: