Volcanoes, Surfing, and a Missing Brother with Amy Waeschle


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37m · May 3, 2021

Volcanoes, Surfing, and a Missing Brother with Amy Waeschle

We begin in Costa Rica.

Author Amy Waeschle's protagonist Dr. Cassidy Kincaid is a volcano seismologist. I had to ask Amy what that is exactly. Turns out it's the perfect profession for an amateur sleuth as it takes her all over the world, where she encounters mysteries of all kinds.

Dr. Cassidy is a surfer, visiting Costa Rica in the excerpt Amy reads. And, from the Small World department, Amy herself learned to surf where I live, on the on the west coast of Vancouver Island. She's even written a memoir about her surfing adventures.

If you enjoy Amy's reading from Rescuing Reeve you can get the full book for free at her website.

This week's mystery author

Amy Waeschle is a bestselling mystery writer who fell in love with mysteries while reading late at night under her covers. Agatha Christie, Trixie Belden, and Ridley Pearson were her favorites growing up. She learned to surf just before her 30th birthday, and the challenging experience inspired her to write her first book, a memoir about surfing and traveling called Chasing Waves. After that, Amy was hooked on storytelling, and wanted to combine her love for adventure with fiction, and has been writing adrenaline-spiked mysteries and heartfelt dramas ever since.

To learn more about Amy and all her books visit AmyWaeschle.com

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Excerpt from Rescuing Reeve

After a sunset surf session at another remote wave, Cassidy slipped to the bow of the Trinity with her stack of documents, hoping to pick up where she left off, but found fellow surfer Benita leaning back against the railing, playing Reeve’s ukulele and singing softly. 

She must have seen the look on Cassidy’s face because she stopped mid-strum. “Is this yours? I found it on my bunk.”

“Uh, no, I mean, yes, it’s mine.”

Benita gave her a shrewd look. 

“You can play it. I don’t mind, I was just surprised, is all.”

“This is actually a really nice one. Do you play?”

“No,” Cassidy said, settling in on her cushion. She realized that her answers were not making much sense. 

“My son learned in school. He got really into it.” She looked up. “Do you have kids?” she asked. 

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