RYB980: Using FEAR To Reach Success with One Simple Tip (Monday Mindset)


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16m · May 3, 2021

RYB980: Using FEAR To Reach Success with One Simple Tip (Monday Mindset)

o today for our Monday mindset, we're going to be talking about using fear to reach success.

I'm going to give you one simple tip, so you can take this, think about it and then do it. And any time that fear creeps into your life. And I don't care if it's about business or it's about something that you're thinking about doing, but you're just unsure and you start kind of going down the road of the, what ifs, what if this happens and what if that happens?

We've all done it. We still do it. I do it to this day. But when you are able to look at this a little bit differently, it helps. And the thing is, is when you can recognize that it's fear creeping in and you want to start identifying why the fear is creeping in and then what can we do to move past it or move through it.

All right. And that's the big one I'm going to share with you three different examples of this. All right. And pretty much all of these were in my life, but one of them is more recent and it wasn't with me in particular. It was actually with my 13 year old daughter. 

So we're gonna talk about that, but what I want you to really take away from this Monday mindset, all right, now, if you're listening to this on a Wednesday, a Thursday, it doesn't matter. This applies to every single day. I'm just, you know, doing this on a Monday. 

So if you're listening to this on the podcast, or if you're here, live on the coffee talks, this is our Monday mindset. These are going to be short and sweet, but they're going to be something that will help you right now, move forward, or at least start thinking about when this kind of creeps into your life. 

And we want to just kick off our week on a high note, right? We want to inject a little bit of energy, a little motivation, a little inspiration. If you want to attend one of our coffee talks and basically do this live head on over to take action, crew.com again, that's take action, crew.com. 

All right. So let's talk about this. I actually wrote a little bit about this exact thing that I'm talking about here. Now I'm holding my book. That take action effect. And inside here, I just want to read this part real quick. 

Okay. If you guys have the book, you probably already read this, or you heard me talk about it in the audio book, but I just want to highlight this here because it's really, really important. 

Okay. And this is on page 63 and the, the section of the book is retrain your mind for success. Mindset, block, fear. Yes. The mind protects us from danger, but we can do consciously create the stories that determine what danger actually is.

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