There Will Be Blood (2007) with Ralph Leonard  - Screenplay by Paul Thomas Anderson


1h 38m · October 26, 2020

There Will Be Blood (2007) with Ralph Leonard - Screenplay by Paul Thomas Anderson

This week, William is joined by writer Ralph Leonard to discuss one of his favourite films, Paul Thomas Anderson's magnificent 'There Will Be Blood'. They start the conversation by talking about the history of California and Upton Sinclair's novel 'Oil' which served as the inspiration for the screenplay - then they discuss their interpretations of the film, the Biblical and Marxist concepts in the story and the fascinating character of Daniel Plainview. You can read Ralph's essays on or follow him on Twitter @buffsoldier_96. Want to comment, get news and join episode discussions? Follow our instagram @21st_rewrite. Letterboxd film reviews @whacoldwell.  For more information on the show and to contact us check out our homepage.

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  • Deep movie which works well for a deep introspective dive into the script 👌 The nature of how money corrupts our morales was so well told in this movie. And the power dynamics between religion and capital was so intricate 🧐

    12 days ago·

    @Sam - True, although I found it a bit slow and yet intense as a movie. Think I preferred the analysis to the movie 😅 Normally people look back and say old times were great but I'm pretty happy I wasn't living as one of those characters.

    11 days ago·

    @Katy80 thanks, if you liked the analysis then maybe you'll be interested to know that Ralph will be back on the podcast soon!

    10 days ago·
    7 days ago·